Heidelberg announced its withdrawal from the drupa show 2021

Heidelberg announced its withdrawal from the drupa show 2021

On the evening of July 8, Beijing time, Heidelberg, the world’s largest printing equipment manufacturer, announced that it would not participate in the drupa exhibition planned to be held in April 2021.

The decision was officially released through a press release. The title of the press release is “Heidelberg’s way of customer communication will become more personalized and digital”

In a press release, Heidelberg said: the innovation cycle of the printing industry is becoming shorter and shorter, and needs to convey the latest information to customers in a more rapid, flexible and continuous manner. This change has also affected Heidelberg’s way of customer communication: the company will focus on providing more new digital ways to present products and innovation.

As a concrete embodiment of the transformation of customer communication mode, Heidelberg will hold an activity called “innovation week” on October 19-23, 2020.

The event will be held in a combination of offline and online live broadcasting, aiming to demonstrate Heidelberg’s innovative products and solutions for packaging and commercial printing.

At the same time, Heidelberg will continue to conduct face-to-face communication and interaction with customers through its printing media centers all over the world.

“We will invest more in virtual exhibitions and regional events in growth markets to ensure closer and personalized customer communication,” said Rainer hundsd ü rfer, chief executive officer of Heidelberg.

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