Development trend of China’s packaging industry

Development trend of China’s packaging industry

With the increasing pressure of the industry, most of the packaging and printing enterprises are also facing the problems of industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading. In the past 2019, in order to improve the competitiveness of packaging printing industry, it is very important for packaging printing enterprises to see clearly the trend and the development basis and objectives. So, what is the development trend of packaging and printing industry in 2020?

1. Intelligent packaging

Intelligent packaging is still a hot topic. In the future, there will be more new technologies to promote the development of the whole packaging industry towards a more intelligent direction. For example: smart tags. According to the different functions of the smart tag, it can be divided into anti-counterfeiting DNA tag, RFID tag, temperature display tag, anti dumping tag, time temperature indication and so on.

In addition, intelligent packaging and intelligent label is an interdisciplinary application field. I believe that with the technological progress and development in various fields, intelligent packaging and label will be more widely used and developed.

2. Green packaging

Green packaging, also known as pollution-free packaging and friends of the environment packaging, refers to the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated, and conforms to the sustainable development.

With the introduction of the implementation plan for promoting green packaging in express industry, the company took the lead in restricting a series of implementation plans related to the use of non degradable packaging in e-commerce, express delivery, takeout and other industries, and urged local governments, especially cities, to increase their real-time strength. The development of green packaging materials, the establishment of environmental protection evaluation system for the selection of packaging materials, and the advocacy of using the same materials for packaging products have become the future development direction of the industry.

3. Electronic packaging

With the vigorous development of Internet e-commerce, packaging will play a key role in the e-commerce experience between brands and consumers.

4. Food small package

It is different from the traditional image of “big package, enough weight”, and takes a new look to occupy the market. In the food industry, not only all kinds of food packaging gradually “micro”. The appearance of food packaging is exquisite, and it also attracts the attention of consumers. It turns out that small packages are more fashionable, interesting and more popular with consumers. Under the prevailing trend of small packaging, food manufacturers have taken a “small and refined” approach to meet market development needs and provide more refined food for consumers.

5. Small batch customization platform is springing up

In recent years, platforms such as small color printing, yunchuangheku, E-box printing, Boxi, chuangketong,, etc. have been launched in succession, which fully shows that the pioneers of the industry are optimistic about small batch personalized customization.

The core of “new retail” is to promote the integration process of online and offline. The key is to make the online Internet power and offline physical store terminal form a real sense of joint force, so as to complete the optimization and upgrading of e-commerce platform and physical retail store in the commercial dimension. At the same time, it promotes the overall transformation from the era of price consumption to the era of value consumption.

The three basic characteristics of “new retail” include “new production, new circulation and new sales”. In short, new production is personalized and customized; new logistics eliminates inventory and reduces inventory; new sales mainly refers to sales and production after placing an order. All of these are closely related to small batch customized packaging.

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