What is the trend of the cosmetic boxes industry revealed by this “century game”?

What is the trend of the cosmetic boxes industry revealed by this “century game”?

The exhaust system has finely calibrated the shape, color, and odor of the cosmetic boxes, mainly focusing on price, brand model, quality, delivery, and rapid positioning. These are key factors that test experience.

Firstly, it is the extreme visual team of the “Wine Lady”, which is based on the level of craftsmanship. Women’s wine can occasionally make people feel like it has a taste of alcohol, and when customers ask women for money, if they say that the woman is a woman, they often turn their “heart” to the woman first. So, craftsmen have always been highly concerned, and in terms of craftsmanship, the “two types of facial expressions” are crucial.

The content of the “two types of beauty casting” service process is sufficient: designing packaging boxes or gift boxes; Mix and match distinctive colors such as “red light” and “fresh” from different materials, or create personalized designs. The design should be based on the position of the bottle body, bottle cap, etc; Using different color combinations to fully reflect the overall style and packaging of the wine.

Cosmetic boxes

The design of various packaging methods is basically the same as the specifications for the production of various wine boxes, and it is also very important. In the design of the wine box packaging, the selection of patterns should match the design requirements in order to create a more vivid image. In addition, there are certain taboos regarding the size of wine box packaging, especially the patterns in front of the characters. In this regard, in addition to the initial intention of the schema, it is also necessary to set colors reasonably according to different consumer groups. 3、 The consistency of colors, whether it is ancient works or worldly events, exists to showcase one’s own individuality. 4、 The clarity of color, whether starting from the specific needs of consumers or grasping the attributes of the product, is to demonstrate the harmony and unity of one’s design and graphic design. Only by grasping new aspects can we deepen the unified product.

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