Don’t Miss the New Trends in the cosmetic boxes Market

Don’t Miss the New Trends in the cosmetic boxes Market

The difference between the cosmetic boxes type and the four walls is that there are many sizes of cosmetic boxes, but the box type is determined based on the packaged product. Generally speaking, cosmetic boxes are small in diameter, such as eye shadow plate, eyebrow pencil, cosmetic boxes, foundation make-up, powder essence box, foundation make-up, lipstick, cardboard, handicrafts, etc.

Cosmetic boxes

The cost of packaging is to protect the cost of cosmetic boxes. Generally speaking, the cost of packaging is higher than that of cosmetic boxes. Generally speaking, cosmetic boxes are the objects of great effort, and they are the general term for packaging. In the form of cosmetic boxes, we aim to save a series of expenses and control them to meet the packaging cost and appearance, “said Genhan Lian.

The different box types of cosmetic boxes have different product functions and corresponding requirements. Hongye Packaging has designed the following cosmetic packaging box settings for the entire cosmetic packaging box in response to the above situation.

The product needs to be packaged, but can we ensure its integrity. The packaging effect varies from person to person. In terms of strength, packaged cosmetics use environmentally friendly and recyclable cosmetic boxes to reduce packaging costs. The jewelry box is made of paper material and properly wrapped around the product, which not only has a good effect but also has a useful purpose.

In addition, vertical cutting knives and anti sticking materials are used in Southeast Asia. The cosmetics are made of branded base paper, which is easy to package. The vertical cutting knife and anti sticking difference improve the packaging image for better results.

The box structure, materials, styles, and convenient design and production of Guangdong cosmetic boxes.

There are many packaging and printing processes for cosmetic boxes in Guangdong, and they are being done relatively quickly and with good quality in current color printing factories!

Cosmetic boxes

With the development of society, people have begun to pay attention to high-quality gift packaging boxes. Packaging boxes have become an important and indispensable part of today’s society. They not only protect gifts, facilitate transportation, promote products, but also make gifts more expensive.

Nowadays, packaging box design styles and packaging forms are diverse, and printing processes generally include bright film, matte film, hot stamping, silver stamping, red gold, embossing, sample retention, etc.

The common tea packaging boxes on the market, such as glass, frosted, and flocked, are quite common. Their market positioning and design are mainly determined based on the packaged products.

Tea is a type of thin or fragile product. Some tea leaves are directly stored in empty boxes or dry ice places. When stored indoors, tea leaves will deteriorate at high temperatures, decompose, and the tea water will be consumed directly, which will also spoil.

So when coming to tea, it is necessary to consider the hygiene target group of the tea, in order to reasonably prevent moisture, and not to be exposed to significant ultraviolet radiation or high temperature cooking to prevent the tea from spoiling.

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