The labor cost of cosmetic boxes has sharply increased!

The labor cost of cosmetic boxes has sharply increased!

The labor cost of cosmetic boxes has sharply increased! Ien has added value and links to multiple people’s hands. There are no expensive or uneconomical items, but random ones that can double the value of Danyang Stone. It’s too late to count them!

Printing: testing scheduling, production orders, packaging alliances, sales channels, and production strength scale.

● Production scale: The hardcover drugs, standard packaging of authentic products, aerogel oral liquid, mixture, etc. can all be reviewed for efficient photo research.

Transportation of hazardous substances: Cannons, various types of bullets consume gas, and occasionally some products require the use of ordinary wooden boxes, which not only poses significant risks but also poses many safety hazards.

Independent research and development: professional instruments used in customs, finance, transportation card electricity, and physical inspection to detect railway and highway traffic;

Equipped with complete equipment: international airlines, planning machines, alignment machines, fluorescent lamps, industrial shipping equipment, cardboard manufacturing, printing production lines, oral sterilization, paper bags, and shaped fumigation.

Through the introduction of new national plastic restriction orders and standards, as well as efforts to improve cleaning skills, we urge enterprises to standardize production, enhance production capacity and market competitiveness.

Comprehensively solve the problems of raw and auxiliary materials and quality deposition required for enterprise production products, gradually reduce the recycling and reuse of raw and auxiliary materials in boxes, quantify the amount of raw and auxiliary materials used, and greatly facilitate the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials by enterprises throughout the province, and reasonably control procurement costs.

The completeness, timeliness, and correctness of information communication can improve the effectiveness of information communication among member enterprises.

Advance supervision and attitude to ensure that products follow the market rules and follow the correct path. Standardized product expectation management ensures the authenticity of all production.

Merchants adopt the ISO9001 quality management system appearance standard to quickly, decisively, and implement every step to ensure the product delivery ability of every customer.

After the reform, the Food Safety Department has implemented a strict safety control system and process monitoring system to ensure the production of upstream raw materials and process safety. It strives to reduce the loss of raw materials and foreign objects in fats and oils, facilitate handling, and monitor safety throughout the entire process.

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