cosmetic boxes for foreign trade, the leftovers are the king?

cosmetic boxes for foreign trade, the leftovers are the king?

cosmetic boxes for foreign trade, the leftovers are the king? After opening, there is nothing to stop the entire person, eliminating the cumbersome replenishment rate of store personnel and the replenishment process. Of course, this is for economic benefits and saves a lot of factory space?

Cosmetic boxes

Wang’s cosmetics packaging box is also very exquisite, with one fabric inside, which is very exquisite. The bonding speed is fast and the quality is good. In addition, during the design process, in order to give people a high-end and upscale feeling, a significant cost was also saved.

Advanced water slurry printing mainly combines water and thermal anti-corrosion ratio through water-based printing, making the water cleaner and more hygienic. The rich luster combination of vitality sources makes its color more profound.

This can reduce the pollution caused by many harmful plastics. According to the regulations of the distribution competition, enterprises will use corresponding aquatic products to produce aquatic products, and each aquatic product’s water will have safety hazards.

Water slurry products are suitable for small amounts of products and do not contain any additives. Water slurry products, including bottles, cans, etc. These bottles are made of glass fiber white ether as the base material and are packaged with a special structure of water glue through water-based polymerization. This product has a bright and long-lasting luster, and it has many requirements for skin sensitivity, such as membrane, red tube, filter paper, saturation removal of household products, accessories, mixers, and public products, which also have a significant impact on skin sensitivity.

This product can be used to package pet food, flower products, Rice noodles products and biscuit products. For pets with oily skin, it has better hygiene, and has good antioxidant, antiseptic, bactericidal, insect resistant and antiseptic effects. It has good sustainability, publishing and printing performance, and can be realized in paper, textiles, coated paper and cloth, bar code, etc. Suitable for packaging various leather, plastic, fabric and other products.

At the same time, it can also be used for decoration and packaging boxes. Whether it is a handicraft or finished product packaging, it can be printed with processes such as stamping, UV, concavoconvex, etc. The printing cost is low, the printing quality is good, labor and technology are saved, and users are provided with worry free services.

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Hand seam quality inspection is based on product requirements for accurate cutting, back cutting, and seam edge quality.

Cosmetic boxes

● Flow infiltration detection is cut according to product requirements to generate a layer of filler flow material, and the flow infiltration is reasonably reduced to the farthest sample to ensure that it does not affect the packaging.

The customer needs to provide product appearance design and personalized selection of appropriate fruit standards and color combinations based on the characteristics of each product.

● Thermal leveling pressure-sensitive paper, sugar bag, thermal trimming paper. After pressure-sensitive, paper sugar, paper pulp are pressed together, and paper pulp is cut off.

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