The “Difficulties” in the Design and Manufacturing of cosmetic boxes Products

The “Difficulties” in the Design and Manufacturing of cosmetic boxes Products

Cosmetic packaging box printing process: Generally, white cardboard is used for film covering and gilding. By gilding, the aluminum foil is electrified under pressure, and the heat is applied to the packaging box printing process.

In the packaging machinery and food packaging machinery industries, compared to speed, enterprises have adopted more technology and new materials in product packaging, reducing operating costs, and improving production efficiency and quality.

Cosmetic boxes

Nowadays, with the rapid development of e-commerce, many companies want their product development and marketing equipment to be of good quality. Suddenly, they have contacted reliable packaging machinery companies, and Shanghai Xincheng Packaging Machinery has its own focus.

Packaging machinery: refers to packaging machines, packaging machines and other automatic packaging machines, packaging paper bags, automatic bagging machines, various packaging boxes and sealing machines, packaging dry packaging machines and other packaging machinery.

There are various types of equipment for packaging machinery, such as computer PLCs, touch machines, die-cutting machines, bagging equipment, sealing machines, flow connecting assembly lines, weighing machines, shearing machines, etc.

Packaging machinery is an automated and semi-automatic packaging machine for packaging materials. Its working principle is to send heated heat-sensitive packaging materials (paper, cloth, silk, thin materials) to the packaging machine or to automatically collect the paper from the silk machine, completing all packaging, sealing, stacking, sealing, tape or edge sealing processes. Packaging containers and packaging equipment are similar to packaging containers of the same size and in different positions, but they only require our daily maintenance. Here, their functions can be achieved.

A paper bag machine is a machine that produces various paper bags or other material packaging bags. Its operation method is to divide the paper into good machines and good machines along the length direction; Four types of pulp are used for machine coating on top; Then apply the fabric between the two on the machine; When vacuuming, adjust each paper roller to the height according to a certain pressure; Insert the adhesive tape on both sides of the pillow sealing machine or film holding sealing machine into the belt conveyor at multiple intervals. It is mainly applicable to the sealing of packaging film, facial mask film, bag, monofilament film, color box, shoe box, cosmetic boxes, food box, gift box, hardware box, valve pocket and other packaging bags.

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Cosmetic boxes

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