Summary of Key Operating Points for Export watch boxes

Summary of Key Operating Points for Export watch boxes

Summary of Key Operating Points for Export watch boxes – Rapid National Expansion in 2012! The production side, economies of scale are the absolute principle!

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Watch boxes

Our main printing quantity is 500000 sheets. In order to adapt to the large-scale design in this area, our Changzhou printing factory has introduced the popular Heidelberg six open and four color printing process in Japan.

Over 1000 printed products can be provided free of charge with paper and packaging materials of different thicknesses, colors, and patterns.

Approximately 5000 printed products are available for free in a wholesale market with packaging specifications and materials, allowing you to choose from them without leaving your home.

Watch boxes

The on-site audience is divided into portable printing, hanging printing, single shadow printing, and large logistics printing machines for delivery/door-to-door delivery, making the on-site process faster.

Due to the colorless nature of printed products (although called watermarks), they can be marked and printed on other markings, which is beneficial for color printing.

With the development of printing technology, printing technology has become increasingly mature, followed by product requirements. If supported by printing technology, the effect will inevitably be determined by the paper used.

In addition, for the printing of paper products and other additional supplements, it is necessary to print these gift boxes together with the manufacturer!

Currently, various environmentally friendly materials are manufactured according to various environmental requirements and can be divided into two categories: pulp, paper, film, paper, cotton paper, and corrugated paper.

Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably solve various environmental conductive defects, not only requiring good solutions, but also easy design and use of various paper and cardboard.

The material design and selection of product packaging boxes should fully convey the functional characteristics of the product and consider reflecting its functionality.

The design of product packaging boxes needs to consider many factors, including the classification and use of structure and materials, production and processing, and delivery.

If the same product is directly in contact with the same product, our design should be selected based on the product’s attributes and the customer’s attributes.

For consumers, the credibility of a brand is important, but the visual effects of a brand are different. Some products perform poorly, and even misunderstand consumers, which can affect their perception.

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