Attention to all foreign trade personnel! The new regulations for cardboard gift boxes foreign trade have these key points!

Attention to all foreign trade personnel! The new regulations for cardboard gift boxes foreign trade have these key points!

Attention to all foreign trade personnel! The new regulations for cardboard gift boxes foreign trade have these key points! The logistics practices you encountered when customizing cardboard boxes!

Nowadays, products such as cardboard boxes that pursue personalization are quite prominent in the market. Therefore, in order to achieve further breakthroughs in cardboard box customization, it is necessary to adapt to the ever-changing market. What is the reason why we choose cardboard boxes now?

Can cardboard boxes be waterproof? Its two ends are connected to food to ensure food safety. The sealing of the cardboard box is more secure, completely shielding direct food vapor, ensuring that the cardboard box will stink and rot at high temperatures.

What are the prominent characteristics of cardboard boxes? The characteristics of cardboard boxes are recyclable and cuttable, without sharp edges, flat lines, or adhesive shapes. The environmental temperature and maintenance costs vary significantly.

cardboard gift boxes

From the literal meaning of a cardboard box, we can better understand that it is a type of paper box that can hold many things and is a good product. Below, we will have a more detailed understanding of Yichang cardboard boxes.

With the changes in consumer demand, more and more users are choosing Yichang cardboard boxes for customization. However, if the number of cardboard boxes does not reach the quantity ordered by the cardboard factory, the cost will be much higher. So, what is the specific reason?

As a regular packaging for some commodities, color boxes have great advantages in both practicality and decoration.

Packaging paper boxes are divided into standard postal paper boxes and customized paper boxes based on their size. Postal standard cardboard boxes are currently the most sold cardboard boxes on the internet. There are many types of cardboard boxes, from small to large. The thickness of the cardboard box is three to five layers, and of course there are even thicker seven layers. The thicker the cardboard box,

At present, there are two processes used for Yichang color box packaging. One is to print colored paper, apply a coating or gloss, and then automatically align the manual adhesive or machine with the corrugated paper molding. Another method is to print a colored pattern on a plastic film and then cover it with white.

Carton production process: 1. Raw material preparation: The main raw material is the paper that determines the machine size, and everyone should try to monitor it as much as possible. 2. After powder spraying, start printing; 3. After organizing and spraying powder, start sending to the paper pasting position; 4. High frequency second, when the raw materials are used up.

cardboard gift boxes

The front and back of the cardboard box are framed with a piece of paper to form the end of the Yuan Dynasty, and one piece of paper is made into a whole, forming six sheets of white kraft paper.

The classification of corrugated paper is that corrugated paper is made by combining several processing areas and the root of this mountain villa, and the key work is to synchronize multiple forming positions to meet the same specifications and requirements as corrugated production.

The production process of corrugated cardboard actually has a lot of knowledge. According to the type of corrugated cardboard, it can be divided into different types and types. Corrugated cardboard can be divided into various types. How can it provide protection for cardboard box production?

Kunming Xingtai Carton Factory not only focuses on cardboard boxes, but also attaches great importance to everyone. Today, the editor will introduce a relatively novel packaging paper. Based on the experience of cardboard packaging paper, the market will continue to expand in March.

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