Production and common use of kraft paper bag

Production and common use of kraft paper bag

Which is better to use white cardboard or kraft paper for handbag?

1. The bag made of kraft paper is characterized by high fastness and low cost, which is generally used to hold ordinary commodities. In addition to white kraft paper, general kraft paper has a dark background. Therefore, it is more suitable for printing dark words and lines, and some color blocks with strong contrast can also be designed. Kraft paper bag is generally not covered with film, which is a kind of lowest cost handbag.

2. White card paper is hard, good stiffness and strong bearing capacity. It is generally used for high-grade handbags, signs and cartons

What kind of kraft paper is used to make handbags?

Kraft paper manufacturer ritai paper industry news: there are several kinds of kraft paper for making handbags, such as Castle Peak kraft paper, Dilong kraft paper, Hailong kraft paper, Jiulong kraft paper, etc., these products can be used to make handbags. Kraft paper used in handbags has both conventional and special rules. For flat plate, there are positive size and special slitting. The general gram number is 125, the lowest gram number or lower gram number, and the highest gram number is more than 300 g. it depends on where the handbag is used and how much weight it needs to bear. Then, choose high gram weight for high gram bag.

How many grams of kraft paper is needed to make kraft paper bag?

1. Generally speaking, the kraft paper or natural kraft paper is used to make kraft paper bags. Generally speaking, the kraft paper of 100g, 120g or 150g is commonly used. Usually, the first two grams of kraft paper are used. In order to highlight the simplicity, kraft paper handbags only need to be printed in two colors. At this time, either white kraft paper or kraft paper can be satisfied.

2. The biggest feature of kraft paper bag is that it can be recycled for many times. It can also be recycled and pulped to produce low-end kraft paper or kraft linerboard. If it is discarded, it can also decompose itself in a short time. It will not decompose like plastic for hundreds of years, and has very little impact on the environment.

Classification and common uses of kraft paper bags

1. Hand bags are commonly used in our daily life. In recent years, with the rise of environmental protection concept and the promulgation of the “plastic ban order”, the use of plastic bags has gradually reduced, but the application of kraft paper bags is more and more. This also benefits from the excellent physical properties of kraft paper, and kraft paper bags can be reused and recycled. Therefore, kraft paper bags are more and more popular in the market. Kraft paper can be roughly divided into three categories. That is, advertising bags, shopping bags, gift bags.

2. The design of advertising handbag pays attention to the visual stability, promotion and development of advertising. Through the creativity of graphics, the identification of symbols, the explanation of words and the stimulation of printing color, consumers’ attention is aroused, thus producing a sense of intimacy and promoting the sales of products.

3. Shopping bag one is designed for supermarkets and shopping malls. Shopping malls in order to facilitate consumer shopping, and connect with the feelings of consumers, and designed a special handbag. This kind of bag is solid in structure and material, and can hold more items.

4. Gift handbag is a kind of handbag designed to improve the value of gifts and facilitate the carrying of gifts. The design and modeling of the gift bag is more exquisite, the figure is gorgeous and beautiful, and it has a very good-looking appearance and contains the gift of the giver.

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