Structure of gift box and packaging box

Structure of gift box and packaging box

Structure of gift box and packaging box



Generally, there are four usual structures for gift boxes and packaging boxes: bottom with lid box, book-shaped box, sleeve box, folding box.


bottom with lid box

It is a very popular structure for gift box and packaging box, it is simple, add a logo on the top. It is used for apparel, gift, jewelry, shoes, etc. It is cheap than other structures, but it can not be folding when packing and shipping.


book-shaped box,

this kind of structure is always with a magnet closure, it is usually used for software, cosmetics, arts and crafts, precious book and file, etc. It looks premium, but often be higer cost, can not be folded when packing and shipping.

sleeve box,

also called side slip box, match box, drawer box. It contains a box and a sleeve, and used for electronic products, handbags and purse, etc. It is rigid and hard, can not be folded. But it is special.


folding box, foldable box, folded box,

It looks like a book-shaped box, and with magnet closure. Because it is foldable, flat-packing and shipping, so it can be very helpful to save shipping cost. It is used for apparel, promotional products, electronic products, etc. It is a little difficult when production, so the price is higher.

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