How can we negotiate with cosmetic boxes customers like this without an order

How can we negotiate with cosmetic boxes customers like this without an order

Actually, this customer doesn’t need too many because the types of orders for cosmetic boxes are very diverse. After the customer arrives at the cosmetics factory, they all stop working, while the cosmetics company’s business hours are only 12 days due to the holiday period,

However, the vast majority of manufacturers do this. If the business hours of this manufacturer are not well matched, it is highly likely that they will have to leave the manufacturer, and the investment of this manufacturer will gradually disappear. Looking for new manufacturers not only fails to achieve this project, but also has not been produced by enterprises, and it is also because of cosmetics.

Cosmetic boxes

The appearance of cosmetic boxes looks the same as cosmetic boxes, but their production speed and cycle are relatively fast, which is why many of our cosmetic companies have prepared one.

Color box refers to a folding paper box and a micro corrugated paper box made of two materials: cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard. The commonly used color box paper for production includes high whiteness, inferior paper material, high compressive strength, high compressive strength of packaging paper, strong adaptability to packaging printing, good conciseness, and good paper strength.

Whenever a customer wants to print packaging boxes, the manufacturer will tell you which material to choose. Generally, the manufacturer will provide professional suggestions and requirements. With the strength of the manufacturer, the designed products have good results. Customers with requirements can go to the metal packaging manufacturer to have a look.

Although the packaging box has some functions, if you do not pay attention to human vision when placing it, it will be slightly longer during packaging. If you accidentally touch it, it will be damaged. Below are some examples to share.

If the eggs are placed in the box again, the cold oil may become damp and dehydrated. The eggs are prone to oxidation reactions, and the vacuum pressure reduction effect is not good at all. If it were packaged in a cardboard box and directly embedded in a microwave oven.

Of course, the standards for evaluating the safety of express delivery are not like those of other countries, so they can be taken out of their pockets. This not only uses large bubble bags, but also makes it reasonable for most express delivery personnel to ask.

Cosmetic boxes

One is the compressive strength of the bubble bag, as its anti density is only about one thousandth of that of the shoe type, and the vacuum bubble effect is acceptable. This can be said to be a brand new evaluation.

Secondly, the pressure resistance of bubble bags is usually relatively high, because when it becomes the first express delivery bag, its impact resistance is very poor, greatly reducing the impact strength on paper bags.

The third is the testing of bubble bags: it is necessary to choose relatively novel ones and customize bubble bags with good user experience.

At present, the bubble bag customization industry is excellent in terms of annual production capacity, production process, and other aspects. If you want the enterprise to achieve better production, you should choose some professional design and production wholesale factories.

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