Design preparation of handbag

Design preparation of handbag

Before designing a handbag, the first thing we need to do is to fully understand the design objective of environmental protection handbag, which is to protect the living environment with common materials. Here is a brief description of the issues that need to be understood or clarified:

1. Understand the application characteristics such as the weight, volume, strength, lightfastness, moisture resistance and use method of products. Different products have different characteristics, which determine the packaging materials and methods, and should meet the requirements of product characteristics.

2. Understand the difference of customers’ gender, age, cultural level and economic situation, which leads to the difference of their subscription. Therefore, the product must be targeted. Only by mastering the object of use of the product, can the packaging handbag design be carried out with accurate positioning.

3. Understand the way of release. Handbags can only become real publicity materials through release. There are many ways of release, which means that the design forms and methods adopted should be different

4. Understand the production cost, clearly understand the target production cost of the design, and control the design within the achievable range. Every customer wants to get more profits with less investment, which is undoubtedly a huge challenge for the rival bag design

5. Understand the design background: first, the customer’s requirements for the design of packaging handbags; second, whether the enterprise has CI plan, and master the relevant provisions of enterprise identification. After fully understanding the design conditions, the next step is to conduct necessary market research to improve the pertinence of the design results.

Market research is an important link in the handbag design process. It enables the handbag designer to master a lot of information and materials related to the handbag design, which is more conducive to develop a reasonable handbag design scheme. It includes the following points:

1. Understanding of product market needs from the perspective of marketing concept, the needs and desires of customers are the center and starting point of enterprise marketing activities. Handbag designers should explore the target consumer groups of commodities according to the needs of the market, so as to formulate commodity positioning and packaging style, and predict the scale and aesthetic life of potential audience groups

2. The understanding of the current situation of packaging market is based on the current market situation of handbags. It includes listening to the opinions of commodity distribution channels and audiences, understanding the current situation and development trend of commodity handbag design, and taking this as the criteria for handbag designer evaluation, summarizing the most popular handbag styles

3. The understanding of the same kind of promotional handbags and the timely mastering of the business information of the same kind of competitive products are essential for the handbag designer in the investigation. From the perspective of the handbag design, the packaging materials, packaging modeling, packaging structure, packaging color, packaging graphics and packaging text of the competitive products are analyzed, This will bring great benefits to the upcoming handbag design.

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