The cosmetic boxes market briefly rebounded

The cosmetic boxes market briefly rebounded

The cosmetic boxes market briefly rebounded with white kraft paper boxes, and the beauty paper cosmetic boxes trademark, Gushguin cosmetic boxes in Feijiang County, is very attractive in color due to its very smooth surface. Toothpaste and teeth contact are easy to fall off, and customers love it very much.

The colors of cosmetic boxes are very bright, which is Gucci. “Focus” reflects the concepts of “focus” and “focus”. Taking this professional Shaanxi cosmetic boxes as an example, KT is a commonly used color. Some cosmetic companies claim that it is mostly dedicated to foreign wine? In summary, how the colors on the packaging look bright, some cosmetics companies are more concerned with reflecting the brand, so it can be said to be from the industrial community.

To enhance the appearance and feel of the box, if you stop packaging skincare products at the beginning or switch to extreme when applying eye mask effects to the box.

In another competition, you can find that many cosmetics can be found on the same packaging at the beginning, with almost no differences. However, the merchant has designed them for you, or even beginners can exclaim, making your product stand out.

As the saying goes, “three points look good, seven points dress up.” Even the most beautiful appearance requires makeup to increase its appearance. Customized packaging boxes also require makeup to increase appearance. Next, Beijing Packaging Factory will introduce several makeup techniques to you, let’s take a look together!

According to the packaging weight and positioning of the product, the commonly used thicknesses are 0025mm and 8mm, which are generally 05 to 1mm.

If you plan to design cosmetic packaging, we recommend the best cosmetic packaging design to make your product stand out while also requiring thicker cardboard.

Cosmetic boxes

If you think they are very different for the same bag, then you will definitely have different ideas. Upset edges are the most commonly used, and consumers may have different interests in the same object when they come into contact with it. However, any item on the market is different. Some products may use the same word ‘plus’. For example, listing, perfume, coffee, ice cream, seat plate. These products will achieve consistent results in the market.

Tailored to different products. Because we need to consider the price differences between factors such as the amount of the item, brand, food, and VI design. For example, if it is a product you like, you should pay attention to its size, cost-effectiveness, and design. If the product is your own. To consider the completeness of the target list, the brand should rely on it.

Of course, choosing your own packaging samples can win the favor and favor of most consumers. If there are products of different sizes, it is necessary to choose different packaging. For example, if your product has a large size, you need a lot of box design, such as using a regular box with a good opening, you can directly use the box.

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