Sample copy of after-sales guarantee for cosmetic boxes

Sample copy of after-sales guarantee for cosmetic boxes

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Xifeng Liquor 53 ° delicate flavor Baijiu gift box is filled with 500ml 6 bottles of electric liquor for family preparation.

188ml bottles of Xifeng liquor, with a fragrance that is not afraid of deep alleys. The V-slot leakage of the liquor is now in a color printed bottle.

Xifeng Liquor 188ml 6 bottles Feng flavor Baijiu Maotai flavor Baijiu 500ml 6 bottles.

Xifeng Liquor 188ml 6 bottles of Baijiu with Fengxiang flavor 6 bottles of Baijiu Xifu Fugui 999% drink 188ml of Xifu Liquor freely.

Fenjiu Chinese zodiac dragon fragrance Baijiu Longfengchengxiang 52 degree 500ml 6 bottles packed in full container.

Xuantang Classic 52 degree Luzhou flavor Baijiu 508 degree glass Fenjiu Qinghua 30 508 degree original Baijiu 500ml 6 bottles packed in full container.

(Dry tissue cutting) Pangu series 16 degree delicate flavor Baijiu 508 degree 500ml 6 bottles packed in a whole box.

(Dry tissue cut) Xinjiang gray jujube 225g, 6 large ribs, Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang, 7 gift boxes containing gray jujube, barley, and 150g large ribs.

(Dry tissue cutting) 220ml of gray jujube, 3 bottles of 508 degree boutique packaging, 5 bottles of gray jujube, 450ml of 6 bottles of full box packaged boutique gift box, Yuhu Chengxiang, 7 gift boxes, with fragrance and fragrance of 999 yuan.

Gold purple jade raisin special grade fresh fruit. A “string of beads” gift box. There are 15 flavors and multiple styles of beads.

(Dry.) Beautiful lady’s perfume Lingzhi perfume imported from France is fresh and elegant No. 501.

Cosmetic boxes

● The color of all gift boxes can be applied without any impurities, and perfume like platinum, twilight grass, light yellow brown casserole, etc. can be used.

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