Mechanized paper bag making beat traditional hand bag making

Mechanized paper bag making beat traditional hand bag making

The design and printing of commercial paper bags should first be the extension of corporate image and commodity advertising strategy, which requires professional design companies to carry out the graphic design of brand image, and then to promote and spread the shopping bags as the carrier. The practicability of shopping bags will make the advertisements more easily accepted by people. The design and printing of good shopping bags is not only to improve the level of their products, but also to be accepted by people People reuse to achieve certain advertising effect.

 So, in order to achieve the highest utilization rate of paper bags, enterprises must pay attention to environmental protection, beauty, refinement and durability when printing paper bags. However, the printing and manufacturing of general shopping bags will also show great quality differences according to the materials used and the manufacturing process and equipment. There are also obvious qualitative differences between the large-scale shopping bag printing factory and the small workshop type production process, which are operated by professional shopping bag printing equipment.

For example, for the shopping bag produced by the “hot sol” automatic bag making machine, the mechanical sol is used to stick all parts of the shopping bag to form a whole tight bag structure, and there is seldom the phenomenon of bottoming off and handle off. However, the traditional post printing process of portable paper bags is to paste the body of the bag by hand with “white glue”. The uneven amount of glue does not have the corresponding heat to ensure the viscosity of the glue, and the adhesive force cannot be guaranteed, so there is often a case of loosening the bottom.

In terms of fold on the paper bag surface, the automatic bag making machine is used to make shopping bags, which are rolled by unified mechanical operation. The bag surface is neat and free of fold. In addition, the hot-melt adhesive has strong fixation force and fast drying, so the adhesion is accurate and beautiful. Compared with the traditional paper bag processing, the folding paper bag is manually operated. It is inevitable that there is a folding line on the surface of the bag, and the white glue is slow to dry and firm. If the amount is too much, it will overflow and slide, so the bag shape is poor.

Another factor that greatly affects the paper bag’s weight is the vertical cotton rope handle. The shopping bag printing factory generally uses the manufacturing process of no hole and no knot, and uses two pieces of heavy-duty kraft paper to be fixed with hot-melt glue

Attach the cotton rope, and then fix the kraft paper on the paper bag to form a “vertical” lifting handle without holes or protruding knots. Compared with the traditional manual paper bag, the handle is to punch the bag body first, then manually thread the nylon rope through the knot, and use the knot head to block the paper bag, so the knot head is easy to loosen or pull the rope hole of the paper bag when carrying goods.

The advantage of mechanization is not only the excellent production process, because of its high automatic operation efficiency, compared with the tedious manual production, the delivery time is particularly fast, but also suitable for a variety of bag specifications, so the enterprise should give priority to choosing a printing factory with decades of printing experience like Dongguan printing factory, and equipped with the most advanced printing equipment, with guaranteed quality and faster delivery time! Nicegiftbox is able to offer this automatic mechanized paper bag production service.

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