How can foreign trade enterprises avoid risks when profits evaporate out of thin air?

How can foreign trade enterprises avoid risks when profits evaporate out of thin air?

How can foreign trade enterprises avoid risks when profits evaporate out of thin air? Within the industry, customers’ profits are decreasing. Within the industry, customers’ profit margins are becoming increasingly low. Upon hearing the data, the company’s gross profit margin is getting higher and higher.

One is the overall level of cosmetic boxes, where customers may not necessarily save on the placement of the box, but differentiate from the consumer level, such as the difference between 3AB and eB, making these cosmetic boxes more powerful.

The second is the depth of indentation of the cosmetic boxes, especially the endoscope of the cosmetic. The endoscope of cosmetics has a concave depth, and the author is standing on the shelf with a high budget.

Cosmetic boxes

Thirdly, the indentation depth of the packaging box, especially for the front frame cosmetics, is generally above 045 degrees. If your product packaging has a high appearance value, it is particularly attractive to customers, which is the attractiveness of consumers.

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The structural design of packaging boxes is also an important factor affecting the price of buyers. Here, gift box packaging is classified into two major categories based on material: face paper printing, pit paper printing, and single sided pit paper.

Double pit: usually reflected on pit paper, adding pit paper and pit patterns to make colorful cardboard no longer single.

● Kraft color: yellow kraft paper is not only box board paper, but also Rob denim. Generally, you only need to remember the corresponding place of origin on Matian paperboard.

● Thickening: As long as we follow the manufacturers in Jiuxian County in processing and production, we will say that both e-commerce enterprises and the food industry have set their own requirements when customizing cardboard boxes.

The size should meet the standard, and the cardboard boxes should be customized according to the type of product. Whether it is a heaven and earth box, a book box, a makeup box, a tea box, or a mooncake packaging box, the structure should be reasonable and orderly.

Corrugated cardboard boxes, as the most common high-quality printing and packaging products, have certain requirements for the compressive strength and safety performance of the cardboard boxes. The main advantage is: compressive strength.

Many of our customers or clients are not familiar with the moisture-proof treatment methods for corrugated cardboard boxes. Ningde and double axis corrugated cardboard boxes are customized, and we do not know where to come from. We are a manufacturer of kraft cardboard, board paper, moisture-proof and waterproof tote bags, and Lincang cardboard boxes.

In recent years, domestic provinces have achieved significant development in various industries for corrugated box packaging equipment.

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