cosmetic boxes Foreign Trade Story | Both Good and Bad Works Have Reasons

cosmetic boxes Foreign Trade Story | Both Good and Bad Works Have Reasons

cosmetic boxes Foreign Trade Story | Whether done well or not, there are always reasons! Shenzhen Special cosmetic boxes Printing, cosmetic boxes Printing Quotation, cosmetic boxes Material Introduction, Commonly Used Facial Papers for cosmetic boxes include: Grey Copper, White Copper, Single Copper, Gorgeous Card, Gold Card, Platinum Card, Silver Card, Laser Card, etc. 2、 Corrugated cardboard box materials: divided into several types: A, B, C, 3, Cangzhang, AAA, retention sample C, B, E, F, and so on. For example, 1: Universal corrugated cardboard box; Bottom box: Corrugated cardboard boxes are carved with A, C, and AB sheets, with four rows of compartments on the top and bottom inside. The various testing items of high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes meet relevant standards, and the deviation does not exceed 7mm.

A good Linniu good cardboard box factory needs to know how to transport vehicles, while having good outdoor resources and reasonable size design are very important guarantees.

What are the factors that affect the pressure resistance of cardboard boxes? With the continuous innovation of cardboard boxes, the development of new products for heavy-duty cardboard boxes has provided the advantages of cardboard boxes. Heavy cardboard boxes are moving towards a diversified development trend, and various technical indicators of cardboard boxes have been collected and steamed.

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We first need to understand the composition of cardboard boxes. Usually, cardboard boxes have different structures of three or five layers, such as AB, adhesive, and meta code. Different packaging materials have different materials, and different processes can be used to composite different boxes.

Generally speaking, the larger the printing area, the higher the corresponding cost. Printing is a processing process for paper printing, and once mechanically completed, it inevitably requires the investment of subsequent equipment.

Big. Printing is the production of paper printing, and modern packaging technology is no longer simple. More and more traditional enterprises are using lightweight packaging printing production. Novelty designed packaging can stimulate purchasing desire and promote sales.

One is the slight addition of colors. The color scheme of packaging printing is different, and the combination of color light and local glossy ink with multiple colors can highlight various qualities such as green, natural, cyan, and blue.

Cosmetic boxes

The second reason is that the number of ink layers, light intensity, and paper strength used for paper printing are also different. Different types of paper require different printing accuracy and ink surface strength between color schemes. For example, different warm tone printing can easily cause printing ridges to deform or even become wet.

Thirdly, if you want to do color printing, you need to consider the actual printing effect of the layout. The layout should not be skewed or narrowed, as this will affect the appearance of the printed material. The entire layout design should not differ too much and should be maintained at 15-1MM.

The printing cost of white paper, coated paper, whiteboard paper, and kraft paper is lower, but it is also beneficial for printing paper and bags.

The difference between corrugated paper and ceramic round paper: 1. Inner lining paper includes inner lining paper and outer lining paper, which can also be selected according to the content.

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